Proper operation of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems serving a building infrastructure is necessary for the comfort and safety of its occupants.

US Test & Balance is committed to the welfare of the general public, engineers, building owners and design professionals to assure that all building environmental systems are installed properly and all systems are adjusted to these design specifications. TABB Certified Professionals subscribe to a strict Code of Conduct and pledge to regularly upgrade their skill level to meet cutting-edge technological advances in the HVAC industry.

Critical building environments often call for multiple HVAC systems to operate in parallel with additional equipment acting as standby. For these critical environments, it is necessary to understand the total building concept and recognize the interdependency of each supply, return and exhaust system serving the building.

US Test & Balance Corporation and its employees are experienced and trained to work within these critical environments and our list of past projects demonstrates our capabilities.

International Certification Board of the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau has certified US Test & Balance Corporation to perform the following testing:

  • Air & Hydronic Systems
  • Sound & Vibration
  • Building Systems Commissioning

The National Environmental Balancing Bureau has certified US Test & Balancing Corporation to perform the following testing:

  • Air & Hydronic Systems
  • Building Systems Commissioning
  • Cleanroom Performance Testing