ICB/TABB attains new ANSI accreditation

April 15, 2014

ICB/TABB is continuing its efforts to maintain and expand its recognition as the only testing, adjusting and balancing entity in the HVAC industry to earn ANSI accreditation under the ISO Standard 17024, which provides an international benchmark for personnel certification programs to ensure that they operate in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) completed its review of the ICB/TABB scope extension for the HVAC Fire Life Safety Level 2 Certification Program. As a result, accreditation was extended to include the following certifications:

• ICB/TABB HVAC Fire Life Safety Level 2 Technician

• ICB/TABB HVAC Fire Life Safety Level 2 Supervisor

The new ANSI accreditations are in addition to the four already in place:

• TABB Technician

• TABB Supervisor

• ICB/TABB HVAC Fire Life Safety Level 1 Technician

• ICB/TABB HVAC Fire Life Safety Level 1 Supervisor

US Test & Balance receives Gold Award from the construction safety assessment program ConstructSecure

March 1, 2014

ConstructSecure offers Owner's, Construction Managers, and General Contractors a clear and objective assessment of a Sub-Contractor's safety and financial posture. This upfront analysis assures lower risk, provides the opportunity for substantial cost savings, and promotes increased safety. Information regarding the benefits of ConstructSecure is available at


February 1, 2014

This 4th edition details the requirements for Whole Building Systems Technical Commissioning and includes HVAC, Building Envelope, Electrical, Special Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems as the baseline standard of care. The Scope of Work identifies all systems to be included in Commissioning as part of the Technical BSC Process. Copies of this and other NEBB procedural standards may be downloaded at

New ICB/TABB Journal makes its debut

January 29, 2014

The ICB/TABB Journal is now available. Formerly known as TABB Talk, the new publication offers a more functional layout, enhanced design and improved content.

"Our goal is to make this the leading industry publication in its category, a useful resource that engineers, technicians, supervisors and contractors can refer to time and again," said James Page, NEMIC Administrator.

Each issue consists of seven categories: Commentary, Industry Pulse, Letters, Events, Tech Talk, Contractor's Corner and a Feature article that addresses vital industry topics in an in-depth and thoughtful manner. This issue's feature article by building performance consultant James E. Woods, P.E., Ph.D., discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with developing an educated and skilled workforce.

While HVAC Testing Adjusting and Balancing will always be the central theme, the ICB/TABB Journal covers topics that go beyond traditional testing, adjusting and balancing. These include related disciplines such as HVAC fire life safety, commissioning, sound and vibration, indoor air quality, total building energy audit and fume hood performance testing.

The ICB/TABB Journal is designed to be interactive.

"It works best when our readers are fully engaged," said Page. "We encourage them to submit ideas for matters of interest, opinions in the form of Letters to the Editor, or even relevant articles in the 500 - 1,000 word range."

For a digital version of the ICB/TABB Journal visit